Naked, on the floor
"You know what you did!"

My name is Warren. I like to make videos, watch videos, make money and watch money. I am 24 years young. I am from PDX. I love myself.
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Sophia Loren with Barbra Streisand at the opening night of the stage production of Funny Girl at the Prince of Wales Theater in London, 1966.


Barbra performing My Man throughout the years.

"Fanny Brice sang a song like that in 1922 and it made her the toast of broadway " - (My Name is Barbra, 1965)

Favourite Streisand characters:

1/? -  Fanny Brice, "Funny Girl".

"No law against waiting. People do it all the time."

Favorite Moments from Barbra’s Films

Funny Girl, 1968

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